Founded by Vicky E. Gomez, Alpari – us.com is a blog that aims to help anyone understand what forex trading is all about.

We provide financial advice on how to invest in both stocks and foreign exchange trading.  Alpari-us.com will give you a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about forex trading.

Forex trading (foreign exchange) is the act of changing one country’s currency into another country’s currency all in with the aim to make a profit by mainly buying low-value currency and sell it once its value has significantly increased.


Features of alpari-us.com:

  • How to enter the forex market – we will provide you with a step by step guidelines on how to get started on the forex market. We will ensure you have enough basic knowledge to make a profit on your ever first trade.
  • Learn how to set up a trading account – in forex trading, there are mainly three types of trading accounts – they are Mini, Standard, and Managed.
  • Standard trading accounts – this stock account starts with a $100,000 capital. However, this does not mean you have to invest the $100,000 in order to trade. The account has a rule of margin and leverage at 100:1 which allows you invest with a minimum of $1000.
  • Mini trading accounts – this brokerage account refers to a trading account that allows traders to make transactions using mini lots.
  • Managed trading accounts- as the name indicates, this trading account depends on the account manager’s decisions on when to buy or sell currency. In short, you will let the experts handle your money for you.


For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of any of the above accounts, check out our homepage. Making a profit and incurring losses may come down to the type of account you choose and the kind of risks you want to take.


Identifying a trading style that is unique to your individual needs- we understand everyone has unique and different monetary abilities and ambitions, we will help you defined your goals and objectives in the forex market, then help you identify a compatible trading style that will guarantee you achieve your goals.


  • Learn how to remain consistent – alpari-us.com will explain the importance of you remaining consistent to the trading style you choose so you can consistently earn in the long run
  • Brokers – alpari-us.com helps you decide a stockbroker that will favor your trading style as well as provide you all the analysis you need to profit from forex trading.
  • Tips on trades that would turn a profit – alpari-us.com will give you the most updated advice on which currency you should invest in.
  • Learn how to approach the market – alpari-us.com will explain in details how you should approach the forex market. Check out our homepage to learn more about the two best ways to approach the forex market.


Alpari-us.com we are dedicated to helping potential traders learn the fundamental elements of the forex market as well as the risks it will take for you to earn a profit!


Need any financial forex trading advice? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to assist you!