The Trump Bump, How Long Can It Last?

Since Donald Trump came into the presidency, the stock market has seen a sudden boost. Many are calling this dramatic, sudden boost a bump in the stock market. Many have decided to start calling this the ‘Trump Bump.’

stock market investingThe stock market has boosted already about $3 trillion. Many investors have been reaping the fruits of the Trump Bump and are taking advantage of it. Many have also been saying that the momentum will continue for the rest of the year in 2017. But how long will the Trump Bump economic boom really last?

There has been much speculation about how long it will continue to rise. Some say that the stock market rally will go on in 2017, while some experts don’t believe so.

How Long Can The Trump Bump Last?

One stock market expert strategist stated that the stocks are most likely going to keep on increasing because of the momentum they have made during the first two months of 2017. They saw a nearly 2% gain in January, while in February, it reached to a boost of nearly 4%. Currently, the stocks have been continuing to increase to about 6% presently.

Stock market strategists also said that the boost in January and February was the 27th time that the stock market index rose in those same two months since the year 1945. As they study the pattern of this bump in the economy since 1945, they have seen that those years always ended up profitable and did not have any losses.

The Pattern in The Stock Market and the Trump Bump Feaver

With those same patterns, there were some situations where the stocks did end up dropping. Those three years were in 1987 when there came a fairly large “stock crash”. After that, it took more than two decades to occur again. That case was seen in 2011 when the stocks steadily increased in the first months and went down during the last month of the year.

Although, it was safe to call it a flat year where there were essentially no profits nor were there any losses. And the latest occurrence was in 2016 when the stock market index fell in the first two months at 6%. Nonetheless, the market was resilient and returned fairly decent numbers as the year ended, boosting up to 13%.

stock market investing

During the years when the stock index rose in the first two months, they have seen that it kept on rising until the end of the year. They have also found out that the stock returns in the course of the entire year have been averaging about 24% which means that investments can turn almost a quarter higher once claimed.

Because of this pattern that stock market experts have found, it could most probably be that the Trump Bump campaign that President Donald Trump can be credited with. This trend should carry on and will last until the end of the year. Consequently, it could also be the right time for investors to put their money into stocks and reap the benefits at the end of the year.

To Invest or Not to Invest

Though there have been many stock market predictions made by many different experts, the actual flow of the gain or loss can’t really be determined. Although it is not 100% clear how long the Trump Bump will run, the trend that the strategists have found may prove those predictions to be true.

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