About Crypto Launchpad And How Does It Work?

Early adopters of any project, technology or product, tend to enjoy the services and benefits more than the later adopters. The benefits that are available to early adopters of cryptocurrency users are often enormous. This benefit includes but is not limited to cheap token prices, free units and many other benefits provided by the crypto project developers.

Of course, a whole lot of crypto enthusiasts would want to know about crypto launchpad, the benefits they stand to gain and why they should invest in such platforms. Early joiners deserve to enjoy the benefits of any new crypto launchpad they put into and if they stick with the platform from the start day they often reap the benefits in due time. One of the best places to find a project which is currently in its early stages is the crypto launchpad platform.

A good number of cryptocurrencies keep increasing in value daily and there are many other ones that will come into play soon. As of the end of November 2021, there was a report from Statista stating that there are over 7500 cryptocurrencies in the market. Certainly aside from this, there are other ones that are still in incubation that are expected to launch in the coming future.

Meanwhile, the increase in the value of cryptocurrency, wide acceptance of blockchain technology and as well the independent adoption of the cryptocurrency has given rise to crypto scam also. Based on the independent report, the crypto scam has risen by about 30 per cent more than last year’s record. This is the first birth of a trusted cryptocurrency launch pad.

This piece will highlight some details about the cryptocurrency launchpad, its functions, and as well we would discuss the launchpad market.


What Is A Cryptocurrency Launchpad?

The cryptocurrency industry is expanding in a tremendous way, with a lot of projects being deployed daily and most of them relying on a decentralized world to raise income for their projects. It is best that there is a modality put in place. The year 2021 presented the world with a lot of newborn crypto launch pads, which was a result of the pandemic in 2020.

Typically, the cryptocurrency launchpad is known as an incubator for cryptocurrency which is a platform that allows blockchain projects to be successfully launched and raise capital while giving access to early adopters and different types of investors before hitting the global market. Getting access to the early stage of cryptocurrency sales often means that you would buy the tokens at a price almost to nothing before the public launch is set.

More so, because the cost of acquiring the tokens and units of the cryptocurrency is significantly low, projects can easily acquire income to boost their marketing activities and attract new investors after launch. Besides, because the cost of launching a crypto launch pad is also relatively low, there are many more projects that are in the incubation stage ready to launch through the help of fundraising activities.


Benefits Of Launchpad Projects

The cryptocurrency launchpad projects have a lot of benefits for the developers to enjoy and the users as well. These benefits cut across the board for the founders and the investors in form of security, increased growth of the tokens, wide acceptability, increased return on investments and many other amazing benefits.

Other benefits that are enjoyed by the investors include;

  • Rigorous vetting process: before you can be onboarded the crypto launchpad, or become an early adopter of the platform. More so, the vetting process for new projects is quite tedious which is often a discouragement to the founders whose intentions are to scam the investors.
  • Know your customers: The know your customer’s process is usually carried out by third party organizations to ensure the authenticity of the verification process performed. It is part of the new users verification process which is required.
  • Access to a larger community of crypto investors: one of the benefits the founders of any crypto launchpad stand to gain is unlimited access to a wider audience that can crowdfund their cryptocurrency idea. The founder gets access to a wider community of crypto investors who have been verified and enthusiastic about buying into your new project. They are like the ready-made market for new cryptocurrency projects.
  • A more organized market: with the help of the launch pad platform you get to market your new project in an organized manner and also get insight into how your new project is performing.


Some Of The Top-Performing Launchpad Platform

When it comes to developing a new project in the blockchain industry, there are many launchpad platforms you might want to explore as a founder. Although these platforms have their own uniqueness and benefits that users stand to gain, some might not address your entire needs as a blockchain developer.

Here is an overview of what you should expect from each of the launchpad platforms;

  1. BSCPad: This is a launchpad that is based on the BSC network, and the platform is fully decentralized through the necessary assisting blockchain protocol based project solutions. Among the solutions the platform offers is token distribution, the ability to crowdfund your new project. More so, this platform stands tall among other launchpads based on how famous it is with its unique “two-round allocation model”. This is a model that offers crypto investors to purchase in the first round of any cryptocurrency project, while the leftover from the initial offer is sold on first come first serve basics. The native token of the platform that operates on this launchpad is known as $BSCPad
  2. BullPerks: here is a decentralized cryptocurrency launchpad that has multi-chain crypto launchpad services. Generally, this launchpad is the best known for its transparency and a community-oriented approach to all launched projects. . The founders of BullPerks are well known as speakers, entrepreneurs, and advisors who have successfully handled mega projects. The launch part also has its developing and marketing team that can help blockchain project developers prompt and successfully support the success of any various tech and crypto inclined projects.

BullPerks are fully renowned for its dedication to catering for its community needs, and also providing developers with a safe platform for their projects. It is also seen as a great investment opportunity for the investors on the platform and as well a safe haven for the developers to explore their products and services built on the blockchain platform.

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